EW Staff
August 15, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

This Thanksgiving, you can spend the holidays with a professional driver from England, a Puerto Rican family from Chicago’s Humboldt Park, or a pair of grieving parents from Paris. Then again, why not rack up some hours with all three? The driver, of course, is Jason Statham, returning as ? getaway artist Frank Martin in Transporter 3 (11/26)…. And you can join the Rodriguez family (including brothers John Leguizamo and Freddy Rodriguez) for a Chicago Christmas in Alfredo de Villa’s indie Nothing Like the Holidays (11/14)…. For a more depressing seasonal celebration, try a trip to France with A Christmas Tale (Un Conte ?de Noël) (11/14), in ? which Catherine ? Deneuve and Jean-Paul Roussillon play the ? parents of a dying son…. There’s also Nobel Son (11/14), with Bryan Greenberg (Prime) as a struggling Ph.D. student who promptly gets ? kidnapped after his overbearing dad (Alan Rickman) wins the ? Nobel Prize for chemistry…. Troy Garity stars as yet another type of son — the kind who has Sissy Spacek for a mom — in the Southern family drama Lake City (11/14)…. For a more decadent holiday, you could always spend Thanksgiving with Paris Hilton and the? sci-fi rock-music ?comedy Repo! The Genetic Opera (11/7). That should definitely get you in the mood? for turkey!

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