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'Project Runway' exit Q&A: Daniel Feld

Season 5's sixth cast-off reflects on whether it's best to please the judges or your picky drag queen client, dishes on the confusing advice he got from Tim, and shares his plans with fellow auf-ee Wesley

Project Runway, Project Runway (Season 5 -- Episode 6: Good Queen Fun)

(Barbara Nitke)

Drag queens always like sequins, color, and ridiculous amounts of fabulousness, right? Well…Daniel Feld, who was booted from Project Runway last night for designing a Flamenco-inspired, orange and yellow ruffly frock that the judges said wasn’t draggy enough, would disagree. He blames his ousting on his queen/model, who went by the cheeky name of Annida Greenkard and gave him strict specifics about what she would and wouldn’t wear. But is Daniel’s chatter just a blame game? Should he have silenced his queen and executed his vision? Read on below — where he also talks about why the contestants don’t like Kenley, his loss of steam, and the line he’s designing with former season 5 contestant and current boyfriend Wesley Nault — and decide for yourself.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling after watching last night’s episode? Does it make you mad that you went home?
DANIEL FELD: Everything is fine. You know, it’s a show, and I have to take it with a grain of salt. It’s been fun to watch.

Do you think Keith should have be sent home instead?
Um, no, I didn’t really put thought into that. No, I don’t think so.

Did you like his dress?
It wasn’t my style, but it’s definitely his interpretation.

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