Road House

Genre: Drama; Starring: Ida Lupino, Richard Widmark, Cornel Wilde, Celeste Holm; Director: Jean Negulesco; Author: Oscar Saul; Runtime (in minutes): 95; MPAA Rating: Unrated

This crackerjack melodrama Road House about two buddies (Widmark and Wilde) who vie for a dangerous dame (Lupino) is novel for its setting: a Canadian-border roadhouse that contains a nightclub and a bowling alley. The standout EXTRA is a raucous commentary by noir historian Eddie Muller and wily film blogger Kim Morgan. (They’re sharing a flask during their chat!) Morgan tosses out more ideas and recondite jokes about movie history than one commentary can contain. Give this woman her own series of reissues to dilate upon. B+

Originally posted September 5 2008 — 12:00 AM EDT

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