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'Project Runway' exit Q&A: Terri Stevens

It wasn't in the stars for the promising pants-loving designer, who tells us what she found more shocking -- Keith's attitude or being the second bootee of the week. Then, see what Blayne Walsh, also eliminated on yesterday's show, had to say

Project Runway, Project Runway

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The second Project Runway cast-off last night was Terri Stevens, the Foxy Cleopatra look-alike whose designs usually involved pants. Doing a look inspired by the Leo astrological sign, the judges said her outfit, which was partially covered in fur, was too costumey. But what does she think? Terri dialed us up to talk about Keith’s attitude last night, her now classic sound bite, and what she would have done had she made it to Bryant Park.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’m so excited to talk to you, Terri. I was sad to see you go last night.
TERRI STEVENS: If you were sad, you know I was sad, right?

I know, I was sure we were going to get to see a Bryant Park collection from you.
Oh, you don’t even know the dreams I have of it. In my head, it was going to be the sickest fashion show people have ever seen in their life.

What did you envision for it? Shake it up? Or do your Terri sportswear stuff?
I am rock and roll — if you’d throw Mick Jagger, Aerosmith, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, and Madonna all up in there, funking and break-dancing. It was going to pretty much be street art on the runway. It was going to be rough — just really rough. In my mind, I’m smiling right now because I see it. I see the hair. I see the models that weigh like zero pounds.

Ah, I can see it too! But moving on…
America mourns! America mourns today.

Were you shocked to go?
I was definitely surprised because I thought I did Leo, and I think I brought it. Like, I know I did. I don’t know what they were thinking. I looked at it on the runway and thought, ”Okay, what’s the issue?” While the judges were making their decisions, I told Korto that I was going home. She was like, ”Don’t say that! We just prayed together.” And I said, ”I believe that God is telling me that they’ve already made their decision.” There was something about it. The judges just could not look at me at all. Like, no one was looking at me.

So, do you think you leaving was a decision of the producers? Suede’s look was way worse than yours. Do you think they said, ‘Let’s go for the character instead of the person who can actually design?’
I’m sorry, but you know I provided some good sound bites! I’m just being me, and I make people laugh and pee their pants. Sorry, I mean, ”I don’t have no babies, I don’t need nobody sucking on my titties,” c’mon now!

I loved it when you said that! Do people quote that back to you all the time?
Oh, my gosh, yes! I get them yelling. They’ll be like, ”Do you have balls or va-jay-jay?!?” [Laughs hysterically] And I was serious! I’m like, I’m going to go up there and cup him and see what I got. I may have a drag queen myself — a hybrid. I don’t know, whatever it is, he needs to man up to this challenge.

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