Lynette Rice
September 12, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Cop Killer
Season 1
Buff, bald, and badass, Michael Chiklis dares us to take him seriously as Vic Mackey by killing a fellow cop in the very first episode. We take him seriously.

Hot Stuff
Season 2
Notorious drug dealer Armadillo enjoys burning his enemies to death. So in retaliation for killing a key informant, Vic shoves Armadillo’s face onto an electric stove.

Season 3
In the series’ most horrific moment, a gang member corners Aceveda and forces the then captain to perform oral sex on him at gunpoint. And he takes pictures.

Kitty Cruelty
Season 3
Mild-mannered Detective Wagenbach takes a walk on the wild side when a rape investigation messes with his mind and prompts the curious cop to strangle a stray cat.

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