Annie Barrett
September 16, 2008 AT 08:57 PM EDT

Finally, a political campaign that really speaks to me! NOT. The new Dancing With the Stars recruit’s inability to muster up excitement even within her lowly shopping entourage suggests that Kim Kardashian should have considered adding the ultimatum “OR DIE” to her latest line of tees. Just sayin’. And no, I won’t be voting. I’m a journalist! I must remain objective. That’s why I decided to begin my ongoing MISTY & MAKS 4-EVAH AND EVAH, AMEN collage behind my desk. Duh.

Anyway, that sad photo provides a great excuse for us to embed South Park‘s classic Vote or Die spoof! Its rampant swear words have been deleted for your office-bound pleasure. This is Must Watch Internet. Enjoy.

addCredit(“Kardashian: Chris Wolf/FilmMagic”)

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