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'Project Runway': This week's exit Q&A

The auf'd Parsons grad is grateful to have made it to NYC's Fashion Week and has no regrets. Still, he has a few choice words for a designer who lacks respect, and he gives us the lowdown on a possible all-ladies final three

Project Runway

(Barbara Nitke)

During a competition that challenged Project Runway contestants to create a ”young professional” look for college grads (with the sometimes insipid input of their mothers), ordinary-guy designer Joe Faris was sent packing. His offense? An ’80s-inspired suit that rivaled Diane Keaton’s in Baby Boom. Was Joe sad to see his days on Runway wind down so soon? Not so much: Unlike all the other designers who’ve been auf’d this season, he actually got to show at Bryant Park, since Fashion Week, in which only Runway finalists typically participate, occurred weeks before the show’s finale. (All of the remaining contestants got to take part to avoid revealing who the finalists really are.) So, he still scored! EW.com called him up to talk about the show’s most heinous contestant, that Bryant Park show, his favorite challenge, and what he’ll do next.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So how are you feeling about being auf’d last night? Do you feel like you achieved everything you wanted to on Project Runway?
JOE FARIS: Yeah, definitely. I have to say, even right down to the way the show was edited. Yeah, I’ve been more than happy with everything. The fact that I did get to show at Bryant Park is a big part of that because, you know, that’s truly all that I wanted going on the show. So that was an amazing experience, and I’ve just been happy with everything.

To go along with that, you mentioned how the episodes were edited. What do you mean by that? Do you feel you were depicted in a fair light?
Yeah, it made for good TV. I think it was reflective of me. You realize they’ve got three days worth of film, and they cram it into 40 minutes. They’ll show like three seconds of something, and you’ll be like, What’d they show that for? Then later in the episode, you’re like, Oh, okay, now I see. I just think the way they did it was pretty genius when you look at the amount of footage they have.

So you were pleased with how you were portrayed on screen? Lots of times the producers like to zero in on certain ticks of contestants while ignoring much of the rest of their personality.
I was very happy with the way that I was presented. What you’ve gotta understand, too, is that they have you on film. It’s, like, you did it! It’s there. They didn’t create something that wasn’t there. Yes, clearly they can edit something and make you look a certain way, but you did it in the end. You said what you said. I stand by everything I said, the way I was portrayed. I think they did a great job. I was very happy with it.

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