Genre: Kids and Family, Comedy, Animation; Starring: Steve Buscemi, John Cusack, John Cleese, Molly Shannon; Director: Anthony Leondis; Author: Chris McKenna; Release Date Wide: 09/19/2008; Runtime (in minutes): 87; MPAA Rating: PG; Distributor: MGM

Set in a steampunk fantasy world that owes as much to Tim Burton and the Quay Brothers as to James Whale’s Frankenstein (1931), this cheeky CG fable tells the story of a hunchbacked lab assistant (voiced by Cusack) whose dream of mad-scientist stardom hits a snag when his monstrous creation (Shannon) turns out to be a big softie who prefers show tunes to screams of terror. The visuals are a kick; the groan-inducing dialogue isn’t. Igor tries to spoof Mary Shelley just as Shrek did the Brothers Grimm, but something tells us this movie’s charmless hero won’t make an ogre-size impression on kid audiences. Call it a hunch. C

Originally posted September 19 2008 — 12:00 AM EDT

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