Michael Ausiello
September 22, 2008 AT 08:36 PM EDT

There’s more to Emmy weekend than trophies, fashion, and bad host banter. For example, there’s all the freakin’ scoop to be had! And between EW’s pre-Emmy bash Saturday night and yesterday’s main event, my scoop cup runneth over. But rather than get you all totally plastered on spoilers, for now I’m boiling the intel down to the 12 one-on-ones that will really knock you for a loop.

* While teasing Ben’s overall arc this season on Lost, I’m fairly certain Michael Emerson let slip the overarching theme of season 5: “He’s sort of free-floating in the ********** of ********* and ****.” Asterisk quiz revealed via this link!

* Is it true? Is Claire going to be MIA during all of season 5? Emilie de Ravin solves this particular Lost mystery here.

* Hmm…If Jin is dead, what was Lost‘s Daniel Dae Kim doing in Hawaii last week? Let’s ask him!

* You already know that Addison is getting a bro on Private Practice this season in the form of Grant Show. But what you may not know is which member(s) of the Montgomery clan will be visiting next. Kate Walsh knows, and she’s spillin’ like a villain right here.

* Is it really over for Tyra and Landry? Friday Night Lights‘ towering beauty Adrianne Palicki weighs in right here.

* Jorja Fox places odds on a Grissom-Sara happy ending on CSI. She also answers this question: What the hell was she thinking leaving CSI?! Click here for the goods!

* My absolute favorite one-on-one from Emmy weekend was actually a one-on-two: It’s with enormous pride and excitement that I give you the first-ever on camera meeting between The Office‘s John Krasinski and Lost‘s Evangeline Lilly.

* Booth’s brother has been cast! And David Boreanaz is so excited I think he ID’d the wrong Behr/Fehr! (I’m pretty sure he meant to say Brendan.) I’ll forgive him since he went on to talk about Booth and Bones having some sex! Have fun with this one, kids!

* Emmy golden girl Tina Fey responds to critics who worry she’s taking 30 Rock into Will & Grace territory with all the stunt casting. Plus: Will she return to SNL as you-know-who? Watch, look, listen!

* Ted’s baby mama will be revealed! And Neil Patrick Harris (thinks he) knows when! Click here with caution, spoilerphobes.

* If you’ve already watched my Q&A with House‘s sublime Lisa Edelstein, it’s worth a second look. She’s just that awesome.

* The Office‘s Mindy Kaling confirms my big Jim-Pam scoop! And we love her for it! Place your cursor right here and press down!

Okay, confession time: Several of my most scooptastic interviews were intentionally left off the above list. It’s not just because I don’t love you. It’s because I don’t love you and I need some hot material for this week’s Ask Ausiello, not to mention the next installment of Ausiello TV. So just consider the preceding the appetizer course, and be grateful I’ve helped you leave room for the entrees.

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