Ben Folds

Way to Normal

Genre: Rock; Lead Performer: Ben Folds

On ”Hiroshima,” the opening track of his third solo studio LP Way to Normal, Ben Folds jauntily recounts a bloody tumble off the stage. Injuries aside, the piano man pounds the ivories with undiminished fervor — and lyrical venom, as on the New Age?skewering ”Frown Song” and ”Bitch Went Nuts,” an ode to a vengeful ex. Thankfully, Folds shows off his gentler side on the confessional tune ”You Don’t Know Me,” a duet with fellow pianist/singer-songwriter Regina Spektor that could come in handy if they ever decide to make a ’70s Mad Men. B+
Download This: Listen to ''You Don't Know Me'' on the musician’s official website

Originally posted September 24 2008 — 12:00 AM EDT

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