Adrienne Day
September 24, 2008 AT 07:54 PM EDT

In the early ’90s, when I first heard UK’s My Bloody Valentine, fronted by the enigmatic, retiring Kevin Shields, I was captivated by the band’s use of rolling waves of feedback, and how they paired sheets of white noise with spine-tingling, ethereal melody. After 16 years of near silence and zero live appearances, MBV is touring Europe and the States once again (with just one stop in Toronto — sorry, Canada). This past weekend, they blew away 3,000 awestruck fans (including one editor) at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Monticello, New York, with their full-body-pummeling noise. Their publicist later told me that one of the band’s conditions for playing the festival was no sound limitations — and thus the show (purportedly) registered 128 decibels on the venue’s soundboard, which is not unlike being in the wake of a jet plane as it is taking off. (Concerned parents, please note that free earplugs come with the price of admission.)

For those who missed their two other New York City shows this week, My Bloody Valentine will be playing Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in the coming weeks. Or, be sure to check out/revisit their seminal document of the shoegaze movement, 1991’s Loveless — which ranked 86th on EW’s best indie albums of the past 15 years — and the video for my favorite song “Soon” (below), then keep your ears peeled for news on Shields’ upcoming album and new mixes of old MBV material, due to drop…well, let’s just say we hope it’s not another 16 years.

Either way, My Bloody Valentine is at the top of my (bloody) Must List this week. Check out a recent selection of’s Must List galleries  here, here, and here, then take your turn: Which music, movies, TV shows, books, websites, or games are on your Must List? Vote early and vote often; pick up to three. Please include your e-mail address, in case we elect to use your suggestion in the magazine. Deadline is Thursday, September 25, at 10 a.m. ET.

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