Blindness |


Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore, ...

(Ken Woroner)

The Constant Gardener director Meirelles brings to the screen Nobel winner José Saramago’s acclaimed 1998 novel — in which the entire human race suddenly goes blind — with Moore as the lone remaining sighted citizen, Ruffalo as her doctor husband, and García Bernal as a sexist brute who clashes with Moore. As in the book, none of the characters have proper names, only descriptions like Girl With the Dark Glasses. “I offered the film to some actors who said, ‘I can’t play a character with no name, with no history, with no past,’?” says Meirelles. “With Gael, he said, ‘I never think about the past. I just think what my character wants.’?”
OUR TWO CENTS When Blindness premiered in Cannes last May, critics were divided. The film has changed since then, but will the final version have naysayers seeing the light? 9/26