Michael Slezak
October 02, 2008 AT 06:04 PM EDT

Doing some fall closet cleanout over the weekend, I came across a stack of old cassingles — oh how the word ‘cassingle’ warms my heart — and decided it was time to make like Beyoncé and Jay-Z and upgrade ’em. So I headed over to iTunes and downloaded such delights as Weezer’s “Undone (the Sweater Song),” Pebbles’ “Giving You the Benefit,” and K7’s “Come Baby Come.” (Let he who is without early ’90s musical sins cast the first stone!)

Unfortunately, I discovered that several songs I wanted weren’t available on iTunes, including the following:

Cathy Dennis (pictured, left), “You Lied to Me
Shakespear’s Sister (pictured, right), “You’re History
Kym Sims, “Too Blind to See It
Nu Shooz, “Point of No Return” (not to be confused with Expose’s track of the same name)
KLF (featuring Tammy Wynette), “Justified and Ancient” (iTunes only has the non-Tammy version. WTF?)
Lisa Lisa, “Skip to My Lu
Sabelle, “Where Did the Love Go (Say What, Say What, Say What?)

Outrage alert! Tell me how iTunes can justify their failure to provide the public with these tragic essential tracks? And more importantly, where can I get ’em? And while we’re on the subject, share with your fellow PopWatchers the list of songs you love that you haven’t been able to purchase digitally. As a reward for not mocking my musical taste too brutally your participation, I’ve embedded the video for “Where Did the Love Go (Say What, Say What, Say What?)” after the jump. Ch-ch-check that hot flute line. You know you love it!

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Where Did The Love Go /say What, Say What, Say What?

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