Henry Goldblatt
October 06, 2008 AT 10:45 PM EDT

Not since Winona Ryder almost ended up in the slammer has a cause affected me so profoundly and deeply. It’s time to free Kate Walsh. The talented actress, so witty and intelligent in her talk show appearances, has done her time in the prison known as Private Practice and she deserves to be emancipated. Send her back to Grey’s Anatomy, move her on to Wisteria Lane, make her the mother on How I Met Your Mother. I don’t really care. Private Practice has become unwatchable. Apparently, many of you agree: The show captured only 8 million viewers or so last week, according to initial ratings. Are you frustrated with the series, too? Is it time to put the show out of its misery? And most importantly, will anyone volunteer to print the “Free Kate Walsh” t-shirts?

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