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October 09, 2008 AT 04:17 AM EDT

Question: First off, could I pleeeease get some Grey’s spoilers? Second, Foreman and Thirteen on House should be called Foreteen, not Thoreman! — Heather
First off, I saw the error of my ways and replaced Thoreman with Foreteen earlier this week. Get with the program. Second, here’s your Grey’s scoop: The long-simmering Mer-Der-Izzie-Alex quadrangle comes to a head this week. Okay, maybe “long-simmering” is a bit much. Basically, Derek gives Mer an ultimatum about their new living arrangements: “If I move in, your friends [i.e. Izzie and Alex] must move out.” I won’t reveal how the housing shake-up plays out, but I can tell you that by the end of the episode a new classic TV odd couple will be born. (Hint: The unlikely duo may or may not include any of the folks listed above.)

Question: Been watching the past two seasons of Big Love on DVD and I’m hooked. Any news on season 3? — Ray
I’ve got big scoop about Big Love! (You see what I did there? Clever, right?) Damages Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek just inked a deal to join the cast in a role that is so top secret HBO threatened to decapitate my life-size Papa Smurf statue if I spilled a single bean.

Question: My Wednesday morning routine has long consisted of settling down at my desk with a cup of tea and bowl of cereal and reading Ask Ausiello with much gleeful anticipation. Since you destroyed that dream yesterday, I demand Smallville scoop as recompense. — Meredith
Hey, I had a damn good excuse for postponing AA. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was, but I know for a fact it was good. I think. Anyway, here’s that Smallville scoop you demanded: Although there are no firm plans for Michael Rosenbaum to return as Lex this season, if producers have their way, you’ll likely be hearing him long before seeing him.

Question: Can I just say that I hate 90210? It makes me want to tear my hair out. — Anya
And yet you continue to watch. Why is that, Anya? While you ponder that question, I have good news to share: The show will soon start sucking less. We got our hands on the script for episode 10, the first one rewritten by Gilmore Girls scribe Rebecca Kirshner, and according to my colleague Kristen Baldwin, “It’s definitely much sharper and funnier. There’s a David Mamet joke in the first scene that is pure Lorelai.” In another promising sign, sources confirm that one of Kirshner’s fellow Gilmore producers, Gayle Abrams, will be joining her in the 90210 writers’ room, effective immediately. Can Amy and Dan be far behind? (Answer: Yes they can be far behind. Very far behind.)

Question: When is Law & Order: CI returning? Got scoop? — Jason
L&O: CI kicks off its new season on USA on Nov. 7 at 9 p.m., and here’s a little casting nugget to tide you over: Lynn Redgrave will guest-star in a late-November episode as a wealthy, formidable, and elegant woman coming to grips with her impending death. Piper Perabo also appears in the episode.

Question: Got any more details about the upcoming 30 Rock episode featuring Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively and Leighton Meester? — Ginny
I’d call this a pretty substantial detail: It ain’t happening! According to a 30 Rock insider, the show scrapped the hilarious-sounding cameo — the frenemies were supposed to appear in a flashback as high school classmates of Liz Lemon’s — for “logistical” reasons. Spotted: B and L kicking themselves senseless.

Question: Do you have any information regarding Prison Break‘s future? Is there any hope of getting all 22 episodes this season? — Adry
Well, there is now. Not so much two weeks ago, when Fox told producer Twentieth Television that they only needed 16 episodes this season instead of the originally-agreed-upon 22. (Quick sidebar: Ironic that the network would make such a request this season when the show’s actually good. Where were they last season when it sucked!) Anyway, Twentieth’s response to Fox went something like this: “You asked for 22, you’re getting 22!” So, to answer your question, Adry, yes, there will be 22 Prison Breaks this season.

Question: Samantha Who? What? When? Why? How? Anything? — Bev
Um, I’ll go for “who” and let you guess at “what.” Team Samantha is currently casting the one-ep role of a hunky pro basketball player for whom boy-crazy Andrea falls. Trouble is, there’s more to the dribbler than meets the eye. “What?” you ask. Here’s a hint: He probably DVRs Top Design.

Question: Got any scoop on my two new favorite shows: The Mentalist and 90210? — Sarah
Let’s start with The Mentalist: Noel Fisher has bounced back from The Richescancellation with a nice guest spot on CBS’ freshman smash. Airdate TBD. Over on 90210, Annie’s boyfriend from back home is coming to town, and producers are only interested in auditioning actors with “ridiculously hot bodies,” per a 90210 insider. Makes sense considering we first meet him as he’s coming out of a pool.

Question: Anything about Ghost Whisperer that doesn’t involve Melinda and Jim? — Deb
You betcha. From what I’m hearing, Delia is about to get her own very special episode. Casting calls have gone out for two of her old party-girl pals from high school — and one more who’s still a teenager because she’s a ghost who never “graduated” to the other side.

Question: How long will Max be around on Greek? I love him and Casey together. — Mindy
I hope he’s around long enough to distract her from this dude: The show is now seeing exceptionally hot young actors to play the recurring role of the exceptionally hot new hasher at ZBZ. And though the college-age Brad Pitt look-alike tries to hold on to his job by resisting the comely co-eds, his attraction to one of our heroines soon gives way to action.

Question: Anything big coming up on Greek? — Edward
No, nothing. Are you kidding? Of course there is! A major defection in the Oct. 28 season finale will shake up Greek life like never before. It’s a game changer reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica‘s big Tigh-Galen-Tyrol-Tory-are-Cylons reveal. Declares series creator Sean Smith: “It’s hands down our biggest episode to date.”

Question: Are you watching Dancing With the Stars? Any predix? — Claire
No, I’m not watching, and yes, I have a prediction: I will continue to judge those who do. In sort-of-related news, Lance Bass is lending his vocal talents to some Disney Channel show called Handy Manny this Friday. (Don’t ask.)

Question: How awesome is this season of Supernatural so far? — Jeff
I’m not going to lie to you — the show is on fire. And the best is yet to come: A sweeps episode finds Sam, Dean, and Ruby literally getting caught in the middle of a war between angels and demons. Also, Dean is going to be infected with ghost sickness in what a Supe insider predicts will be “the funniest Supernatural episode ever.”

Question: I admit it, I’m greedy. You gave us such amazing CSI: NY scoop about Danny-Lindsay last week, but I want more! — Christina
Lucky for you I neglected to answer one of the biggest questions surrounding the D-L baby plot: What happens to Lindsay when Anna Belknap takes off for maternity leave later this season? According to exec producer Pam Veasey, “We have a variety of options. A lot has to do with learning more about her and her family. It’s possible we may send her back to Montana to reassess some things. We haven’t quite decided that, but [Lindsay] will have a very good reason for taking some time off.”

Question: Have you got any scoop on Pushing Daisies and its future on ABC? I heard the premiere ratings weren’t all that great. Should we be worried? — Julia
Nah. I think you should be nervous, but not worried. If by the end of the month ABC doesn’t place an order for additional episodes — beyond the 13 it initially ordered — then you can start worrying. In the meantime, I’ve got a little scoop that is sure to be music to your ears: Olive (Kristin Chenoweth) is going to sing “Eternal Flame” to Ned (Lee Pace)! Only, well, he won’t be there. (That’s so like Olive.)

Question: Brothers & Sisters scoop, please! Adrian
Saul’s getting a boyfriend! The show is looking at actors in the 50-to-60 age range to play a love interest for Ron Rifkin for at least three episodes.

Question: Oh, great Scoop Master, do you have any Heroes scoop for us humble peasants? — Ashley
The show has a problem. No, not the ratings (more on that in a sec). The problem concerns a kid named David. He’s teenage angst incarnate and he’ll be featured in at least three episodes of the “Fugitives” arc. Casting is under way.

Question: What the hell is up with Heroes‘ ratings?! Where’d all the viewers go! — Joel
NBC is praying hoping a few million of them turn up on  Oct. 13 when the live-plus-three-day DVR data starts to trickle in.

Question: Sarah Connor Chronicles news, please? — Jamie
Former West Winger Richard Schiff will appear in episode 10 as someone who may or may not have come from the future to help the Terminators. Buffy alum Adam Busch (a.k.a. the bastard that killed Tara!) is also in the episode, but I can’t say who he’s playing. Too spoilery. Also, Fox threatened to bad-mouth me to Keri Russell if I did. (Is it just me, or are the networks getting more aggressive with their anti-spoiler tactics?)

Question: It seems as if the spoiler well has run dry for The Office. Did you get your wrist slapped for revealing too much about the “momentous event in the rain”? — Eileen
Please. Those guys love me over there. In fact, just the other day one of the show’s writers floated the idea of not buying me a drink. How cool is that? And if it’s a massive Office spoiler you crave, it’s time to manage your expectations, ’cause all I got is Melora Hardin confirming that we will eventually meet Jan and Michael’s unborn demon spawn. “You will see the baby,” she says. “You will eventually see how Jan is as a mother and you will also see how Michael is as a surrogate father.”

Question: I’m really liking The Ex List. What is your psychic reading for the future of this show? — Kamina
Hold on, I’m getting something: It’s going to be replaced with encores of The Mentalist if it doesn’t start retaining more of its Ghost Whisperer lead-in.

That’s a wrap! Thanks for your patience and understanding with regard to this week’s column. Send your questions/tips/Snapple sightings to ausielloscoop@ew.com

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