Wook Kim
October 10, 2008 AT 06:37 PM EDT

No, it’s not the name of a cheeky post-punk band from England — but, rather, a fascinating look at the colors used by the post-Impressionist master in his nighttime and twilight paintings (which coincides with the show currently at New York’s Museum of Modern Art). The colors pictured at left are from his sublime masterpiece ‘The Starry Night‘ — in his nocturnal work, observes a New York Times art critic, we can see him “pitting his colors against one another as if they were antagonists in a visual drama.” I never fail to be moved by Van Gogh’s later works: there’s something both humbling and uplifting is his understanding of shape and color and composition. Show of hands (or comments): Who’s been in an art museum or gallery in the last six months? To see what shows or exhibitions? And which artists always leave you feeling a little verklempt?

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