Nicholas Fonseca
October 13, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EDT

VP nominee Sarah Palin has become such a hot comedy commodity in the last month that even 86-year-old Betty White—shout-out to my main homegirl!—entered the fray last week with a scripted appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in which she referred to the Alaskan governor as “one crazy bitch.” Incidentally, White tells EW that her next film role, in the Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds movie The Proposal, is as Grandma Annie, a “rich [woman] who owns everything in Alaska. She’s trying to save the romance between Sandra and Ryan, and in doing so she fakes a heart attack. She also thinks of herself as a shaman, so she’s out in the woods dancing around the fire and singing in Eskimo.” Oh, man. We can’t wait to hear what the good folks of Wasilla will think of that.

Of course, the women of Alaska aren’t the only people in Betty’s sharp comedic crosshairs these days. The five-time Emmy winner, who also returns to her role as Boston Legal‘s felonious Catherine Piper on October 28, talked about former Mary Tyler Moore Show costar Cloris Leachman’s mondo bizarro stint on Dancing With the Stars. “I’ve got [Leachman’s episodes] on tape,” says White, “but I haven’t gotten the chance to watch them yet.” But from what she’s heard, White isn’t surprised by Leachman’s onscreen antics. “She’s being Cloris. And Cloris is certifiably mad. They’re going to put her away one of these days.” Given that Leachman has already outlasted a few of her younger, stronger castmates, is there any chance that Betty might consider jitterbugging her way over to the ABC hit any time soon? “I don’t think so,” says White. “You get such an overload of Betty White on everything. You either have to sell your TV set or blow it up to get rid of me.”

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