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Mark Wahlberg, Max Payne

(Michael Muller)

Though 7 million fans have their own version of how the adventures of Max Payne should turn out, John Moore accepted the challenge of adapting the hit videogame anyway. ”Once you take control away from the player,” he says, ”you better be sure what you’re giving back is as interesting.” One way to raise interest: Cast Mark Wahlberg as Payne, the DEA agent who hunts down enemies (some beyond the natural world) who murdered his family. ”There’s the easy way to play this character, which is very one-note, man-on-a-mission, brooding,” says Wahlberg. ”But people are going to be surprised when they see how multilayered he really is.”
OUR TWO CENTS Gamers seem stoked about Wahlberg as Payne and curious to see Moore flesh out the heaven/hell themes. So consider us…game. 10/17