Michael Slezak
October 15, 2008 AT 05:29 PM EDT

Last night on The Mentalist (a show that to my surprise has earned “series recording” status on my DVR) two scenes totally freaked me out, but for very different reasons.

Scene 1: Simon Baker’s Patrick Jane plops down on the beach wearing a very jaunty, expensive-looking, three-piece suit. Okay, admittedly, I’m a fussy type who doesn’t even like getting sand between my toes, but come on, WHO WOULD DO THAT? (Dude goes on to roll up his pant legs and build a sandcastle!)

Scene 2: The crotchety construction site manager refuses to believe the police when they explain his employee’s nose is sticking out of a slab of concrete, so he reaches down, presses it, then recoils when the decomposing human flesh lets out a little squelch. (Brace yourselves: I’ve embedded a clip of said horror after the jump.)

Call me crazy, but I actually found the sullied couture to be approximately 11 percent more unsettling than the squeaking snout. Place your vote for the episode’s most squirm-inducing moment in the comments section below!

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