Michael Ausiello
October 16, 2008 AT 07:54 PM EDT

What do Tom Hanks’ son, “Luke” from 90210, and Steve Zahn all have in common? They’re all headlining the latest installment of Casting Scoops!

•    Colin Hanks, on sabbatical as Peggy’s priestly pal on Mad Men, is reprising his role as Charlie’s frenemy, brilliant mathematician Marshall Penfield, on Numb3rs later this season. “Charlie has to ask Marshall for help on an FBI crime when the key problem involves Marshall’s specialty,” explains exec producer Cheryl Heuton. “And as they work together, they argue about everything from obscure mathematical concepts to which restaurant makes the best hamburger. Despite their keen rivalry, they manage to come to an understanding about why they push each other’s buttons. But only after Larry is forced to ‘pull the math car over.'”

•    Monk’s long-lost brother — the one I first alerted you to in this week’s Ask Ausiello — has been found. Former Employee of the Month Steve Zahn has landed the role of Jack Monk Jr., a charming grifter who just escaped from prison and is the prime suspect in a murder. In other Monk news, ex-West Winger Bradley Whitford will guest-star in the episode titled “Mr. Monk on Wheels.” He’ll play a brilliant, upbeat CEO of an R&D company.

•    90210 can’t get the real Dylan McKay, so what do they do? Create a character that fits his description and then name him after his portrayer, Luke Perry. Duh. Producers are casting the role of Luke, an impulsive, sexy, charismatic, mysterious bad boy who differs from every other guy on the show in one key way: He’s not a total pretty boy.

Note: The Closer casting item that originally appeared in this story has since been removed. Its disappearance is explained in the comments section below. In related news, I promise this will all make sense. Eventually. 

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