Annie Barrett
October 16, 2008 AT 07:52 PM EDT

On last night’s Greek, Cappie (Scott Michael Foster, pictured) lamented that he’d placed The Goonies in his Top 10 Movies Ever list, only to re-screen it as an adult and realize “MAN, did those kids chew the scenery!” That’s always a low blow to one’s self-esteem — you suddenly wonder whether you had any taste growing up. Then you immediately get to work on rationalizing all your questionable decisions to your ego. (Uh, Annie, that “Cold-Hearted Snake” dance routine featuring your sister, you, and a number of log rolls across your basement’s dingy carpet didn’t choreograph itself. You committed to that thing.)

As for movies, I was particularly horrified after a recent viewing of the 1987 Madonna vehicle Who’s That Girl? And 1990’s The Wizard, starring “TV’s Fred Savage” (and music’s Jenny Lewis!) is just embarrassing, especially when the DVD (that I am still 100% glad I bought, mind you) stares at me from the bottom shelf whenever I watch TV, which is always.

What about you — what childhood staple has left you somewhat disillusioned after a more recent look?

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addCredit(“Foster: Bob D’Amico/ABC Family; The Goonies: Everett Collection”)

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