Jennifer Armstrong
October 17, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

You may recognize Clark Duke for his role as the fundamentalist Christian nerd Dale on ABC Family’s college drama Greek. Or perhaps you’ve seen Duke playing himself opposite real-life buddy Michael Cera in their online mockumentary Clark and Michael. Now, the 23-year-old actor is appearing as unlikely ladies’ man Lance in the teen road-trip romp Sex Drive. But do you know Duke’s deadpan wit well enough to match his actual responses to our questions?

1 What did you think when they offered you the role in Sex Drive?
2 How did you learn to be such a lothario?
3 What’s up with Lance’s flashy outfits?
4 What was it like to watch yourself in some of those gross-out humor scenes in Sex Drive?
5 How’d you feel about your sex scene?
6 What advice would Lance in Sex Drive give Dale in Greek?
7 All your scenes in the upcoming A Thousand Words are with Eddie Murphy. So should Michael Cera be nervous? Are you and Eddie Murphy, like, BFFs now?
8 Is Michael Cera really that sweetly disarming?

A I did run into him at this Prince concert, and I was with a couple of my friends who didn’t even realize I knew him. He gave me one of those handshake-and-hug combos. My friends were just totally flabbergasted.
B He’s pretty adorable. He’s a total sex symbol.
C It was like a documentary, really. I don’t know what you’ve heard, but…. Let’s just say I do pretty well for myself.
D It was kind of hard in general, because there’s something nauseating about seeing yourself 20 feet tall.
E At first I was surprised, like I think everybody else, including my agent, was.
F I think it’s funny, which is really all we were shooting for.
G I like to look snazzy, but that’s very much the character, the bright colors and the Fred-from-Scooby-Doo neckerchiefs.
H Just lighten the f— up, you know?

Answers: 1E, 2C, 3G, 4D, 5F, 6H, 7A, 8B

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