Leah Greenblatt
October 17, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The singles chart is currently rife with the sincerest form of flattery: song-name imitation. Below, we pit the newbies against their predecessors.

”Miss Independent”
Ne-Yo (2008) vs. Kelly Clarkson (2003)
Urban smoothie Ne-Yo’s midtempo jam sweetly honors a girl who’s ”got her own thing, that’s why I love her.” Clarkson’s raucous rocker calls out a fiercely solo ”Miss unafraid/Miss out of my way” who loses herself, finally, in love.
THE VERDICT: Like Destiny’s Child, we love independent women. But Kelly had us at ”Miss.”

David Archuleta (2008) vs. Jennifer Paige (1998)
Idol‘s huggable human Care Bear innocently wonders why he’s ”hypnotized, so mesmerized.” Paige’s top 5 hit is less starry-eyed: ”It’s just a little crush/Not like I faint every time we touch.”
THE VERDICT: Why so jaded, Jenny? David’s hopeful tremors are just more relatable.

The Killers (2008) vs. Human League (1986)
The rock peacocks high-mindedly reference Hunter S. Thompson (”Are we human, or are we dancer?”) while the new-wave Brit legends are more straightforward: ”I’m only human/Of flesh and blood I’m made.”
THE VERDICT: A draw! We’ll have our dramatic, synth-laden cake and eat it too, thank you.

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