Michael Slezak
October 21, 2008 AT 05:57 PM EDT

Call me pervy, but I found myself highly amused by last night’s subplot on My Own Worst Enemy in which Christian Slater’s superspy Edward breaks out a (presumably?) fictitious sexual technique called “The Hummingbird” on Angie, the wife of his hapless suburban alter-ego, Henry. Mind you, part of me was just thrilled to see the underrated Mädchen Amick (an actress I’ve enjoyed on such failed series as Central Park West and that late ’90s Fantasy Island remake) doing fine work on a show that’s (hopefully) not going to be canceled after four weeks. But it also tickled me to see a network drama push the boundaries of good taste using little more than the name of a tiny, winged creature that’s a favorite of backyard birdwatchers. “The Hummingbird,” of course, joins L.A. Law‘s “Venus Butterfly,” Seinfeld‘s “The Move,” and Ally McBeal‘s “The Knee Pit” in the annals of racy television bedroom activities. Are there any others that I’m forgetting? And what did you think of the whole “Hummingbird” storyline: Amusingly racy or just plain tasteless? (If you missed the episode, I took the liberty of embedding it, after the jump.)

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