Mike Bruno
October 23, 2008 AT 05:40 PM EDT

I groaned when I first heard about the upcoming PAIN: Movie Lot videogame expansion (out Nov. 6) for PS3, which, among other things, allows players to smack around David Hasshelhoff. Not that smacking around The Hoff doesn’t sound like fun, but I immediately associated the concept with those games on the Web where you get to box against your favorite celebrity in a lame Flash version of Punch Out, with the Paris Hilton (or whoever) head taking on bruises and cuts as you bash away. But People.com’s first-look makes this PAIN expansion look like it could be kind of fun. Mostly, it’s just that the graphics are so real it truly gives the sense that you are throwing the Hoff’s naked torso into cop cars or hurling his coif into a helicopter. Would I shell out the $50 or $60 this thing will probably cost? Nah. But Hasselhoff himself probably said it best himself, telling People.com, “The idea of ‘hurting The Hoff’ or ‘hassling The Hoff’ was just hysterical to me.”

Anyone else with me, or have I completely lost it?

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