Tim Stack
October 24, 2008 AT 04:00 AM EDT

TV’s latest catfights

Catfights — they’re as cherished a TV-drama staple as infidelity and evil twins. So how do the recent hissy fits appearing all over network television stack up? We rate them on a scale of frumpy, slapsticky Lucy vs. Ethel to the gold standard of scratching and clawing: Dynasty‘s Alexis vs. Krystle.

Lucy and Ethel

Desperate Housewives
Gaby and Susan’s front-lawn wrestling match felt tame, with weak shoves and a roll in the grass. Edie would have at least dressed for the occasion.

Setting the fight in a high school locker-room shower was a nice, soaking touch for Sarah versus Heather (guest star Nicole Richie). But what’s with the martial arts? We want girly slaps!

Gossip Girl
Serena made excellent use of a clutch purse as a weapon during her howling, hair-yanking brawl with Blair at Yale. Bonus points for ripped clothing!

Alexis and Krystle

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