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Exclusive: John Schneider in the 'Money'

Johnschneider_l A regular gig on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager isn’t stopping John Schneider from getting a little dirty. Or sexy. Or (c’mon, play along) money.

Translation: Sources confirm to me exclusively that the eternally boyish Dukes of Hazzard star has booked a three-episode arc on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money. He’ll play a congressman who screws over Simon at the behest of a blackmailin’ Tripp.

Schneider shouldn’t have any problem squeezing some Sexy time into his Secret Life workload, since, as EW’s Jennifer Armstrong informs me, “there are like 9 billion characters on the show.”

Meanwhile, the search is on for an actress to play Schneider’s upscale trophy wife on DSM. Got suggestions? Post ‘em below!

Originally posted October 29 2008 — 6:02 PM EDT

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