Annie Barrett
October 30, 2008 AT 06:12 PM EDT

In episode 1 of her new Web series House Poor, The Office‘s Mindy Kaling budget-fakes her own pregnancy with a hoodie and a pillow in an attempt to con her friends into furnishing her new house. What the hell is she gonna do with a giant teddy bear? 

House Poor is just one of 10 original series on Strike.TV, which launched this week but was devised during the Hollywood writers’ strike. Global Warming, starring SNL‘s Kristen Wiig and The Daily Show‘s Aasif Mandvi (with a cameo by Kaling), is also worth a look. Adventures in office microwaving!

If your lingering reaction to House Poor was, “Awww, I miss Busy Philipps” like mine was, don’t miss’s ‘Freaks and Geeks’: Then and Now photo gallery!

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