Leah Greenblatt
October 30, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EDT

This year’s election cycle sometimes feels like a game of celebrity Whack-a-Mole, what with all the famous faces popping up in voting ads, wearing candidate-specific merch, or proclaiming their views on late-night talk shows. But there’s one name you won’t be hearing from: Kid Rock. The 37-year-old musician, who has performed at Republican events in the past and is currently appearing in ads for the National Guard, has sold some 25 million albums and recently went to no. 1 with his latest, Rock N Roll Jesus. But he tells EW that he won’t be using his fame to steer fans any which way at the polls. “Celebrities are always putting themselves behind politics, and people assume I’m a Republican, which is funny, because I’ve never said that I was,” he says. “My views generally lean towards less government, yes, but I’m not going to sit here and talk about it publicly, because I’m not that educated in political science. And I feel like to do so, I need to be. Because I might be able to influence people who listen to what I say, and who am I to tell them?”

He will, however, be making what he says is his “fourth or fifth trip” to Iraq this Christmas to entertain the U.S. troops still engaged overseas. “You don’t have to agree with what’s going on there to support them,” he says. “I’ve tried to get more [entertainers] to come over with me, and they bail with lame excuses. Just do it, man.”

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