Annie Barrett
October 30, 2008 AT 06:16 PM EDT

Help! It’s Attack of the P-Dubs! A few weeks ago, PopWatch asked for pictorial proof of your favorite pop-culture-inspired Halloween getups, and you CrazySexyCool people did not disappoint. Here you all are! I’m so personally offended that Christopher didn’t win an office prize for his Guy from the Operation Game costume (pictured, far left) that I’m awarding him a few hours of PopWatch pseudo-fame — you know, until this post disappears into the vast wasteland of faraway “Page 2” forever.  Among others, we had Dwight and Angela (taken from day to evening!), Robot Chicken, Facebook, a Golden Snitch, and even Kevin Spacey’s skanky cheerleader fantasy from American Beauty. (The way Jessicah’s red-eye matches the rose petals = unintentional genius. Or, she’s Satan.)

Thanks to Amy, Brian, Rachel, another Amy, Katie, Hilary, Sara, Hannah, Jessicah, Mackenzie, Michael, Jamie, Robert, Greg, Melissa, and Jill for this exclusive glimpse into your twisted lives!

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