Adrienne Day
November 06, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

From the Department of You’ve Got to Be Kidding: Have you ever bought into a TV or movie character so utterly and completely that you kind of forget that the actor is actually, like, playing a character? And then you find out that the character they are playing might not totally square with the person they are in real life?

Take Lance Reddick, smooth jazz composer and vocalist, with a recent self-released album, Contemplations and Remembrances. Who’s that, you say? You might know him better as The Wire‘s Lt. Cedric Daniels (pictured), or perhaps the intense Phillip Broyles, a Homeland Security agent on Fringe. In both cases, a stern man. Fierce, tempered, and always in control. But not emotive. Or hopelessly romantic. Or, jazzy. Oh my no.

To that end: My favorite line is from Reddick’s song “Remembering“: “Making looooove / on a rooftop / and it pours in the afternoon / And the touch of the raindrops and thunder and lightening and height / make me swoooooon….”

Needless to say, I’ve just gained all kinds of new respect for the man. But let me ask you, PopWatchers: You ever experience this character-doesn’t-jibe-with-real-life-actor type of cognitive dissonance? Share below!

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