Jennifer Armstrong
November 07, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

Turns out television for cool women isn’t a pipe dream — it’s online. New portal, courtesy of Lexus (with, mercifully, zero automobile product placement), features two slyly funny female shows: In its marquee offering, Web Therapy, Lisa Kudrow again proves there should be a law requiring her to be on some sort of screen at all times. This time, she’s at her Comeback-honed, cringey best as a clueless shrink handing out advice in hilarious three-minute webcam chats. (”I have done the 50-minute sessions with people, but they end up going on and on about dreams and feelings,” she tells her first client, whom she may or may not be trying to seduce.) Puppy Love follows a group of dog lovers; in the first ep, the pooch of Famke Janssen’s single gal Maya thwarts her love life. It isn’t as uproarious as Therapy, but creator Amy B. Harris (Sex and the City) handles Maya’s predicament sweetly without making her pathetic — an admirable feat. As for any guy who won’t sleep with the delicious Janssen because of her insanely adorable pet? We know where he can go for counseling. Web Therapy: A, Puppy Love: B

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