Amy Ryan
November 07, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

In the rest of the world, the winner of the week is Barack Obama, but in the world of entertainment, the Winner of the Week is the woman who owned the letter O long before the senator from Illinois started campaigning with it. Not only did Oprah Winfrey help her candidate get elected president, she also guest-starred on 30 Rock (and got star-of-the-moment Tina Fey to return the favor on her daytime show). She landed an interview with Brad Pitt that’s sure to be a ratings-grabber when it airs on Nov. 18. She announced just this morning that she may delay her threatened retirement from daytime talk and continue producing her show after her current contract expires in 2011. And she proved she’s so powerful that the touch of her tears on a man’s shoulder can make him famous. PopWatch hereby crowns Oprah Winfrey the reigning Winner of the Week. Everybody gets a car!!!!

Can you think of anyone in entertainment who had a better week than Oprah? Let us know below. And it’s not to early to start nominating someone for next Friday’s Winner of the Week. (To see previous Winners of the Week, click here.)

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