Michael Slezak
November 10, 2008 AT 08:48 PM EST

Back in February, I wrote a PopWatch post ranting against those heinous toilet paper commercials starring the stomach-turning “Charmin Bears,” and most of you agreed the whole campaign deserved to get flushed. Sadly, The House That Whipple Built failed to hear our cries, as evidenced by its latest spot for Charmin Ultra Strong, featuring the tagline, “no one likes a bathroom tissue that leaves pieces behind.” (Insert emotional deadness emoticon here.) Hey, Charmin, guess what else no one likes? No one likes a bathroom tissue ad featuring a baby bear with tiny bits of TP stuck to its bright red hindquarters, and a mama bear that chases him down and cleans his heinie with a broom and dustpan. Rated U…for Unacceptable!

That said, I have many friends and relatives who have an even more viscerally negative response to the long-running series of Charles Schwab ads featuring rotoscoped everymen talking about, well, I’m not sure what, since my husband freaks out and changes the channel every time one of ’em pops up on our TV. They are pretty hideous, though.

But which ads are worse: Charmin’s sullied bear bottoms or Schwab’s animated talking heads? Place your vote in the comments section below!

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