Mandi Bierly
November 11, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

When you visit YouTube, do you ever look at the three videos the site has “Recommended for You,” based on your search history? I didn’t think there could be anything more mortifying than what popped up at the top of the recommendation list this morning: “Jensen Ackles sings! Pictures of Jensen Ackles shirtless, set to two short clips of Jensen singing.” (I am not that much of a horndog, YouTube. Did I watch it?…Not the point!)

But then, I visited YouTube again, and not only did I get “‘Chihuahua’ Star Discovered in Dog Shelter” (I watched the Beverly Hills Chihuahua trailer once for work, okay!), but also “olive’s home birth/water birth.” You could not pay me to press ‘play’ on that. Just because I searched for the Bill Cosby: Himself bits on natural child birth — to send to my sister who’s freaking out about her impending labor — does not mean I want to watch a baby be delivered in a kiddie pool!

What YouTube recommendations have horrified you?

P.S. That Jensen Ackles video is embedded after the jump.



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