Michael Ausiello
November 14, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

Based on the flood of e-mails I’ve received in the past 18 hours with subject lines like, “WTF Denny!” and “OMFG Denny!” one or two (zillion) of you were surprised to learn that the late, lamented Denny’s return to Grey’s Anatomy did not end where it began last week.

Let me try and put it in perspective for you: Denny?! Seriously?!

When I broke the news last month that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be popping up in the Nov. 6 episode, I was led to believe that it was just for that episode. Now, of course, it’s obvious that not only is the dearly departed sticking around for the foreseeable future, but he’s also the surprising Izzie suitor that series creator Shonda Rhimes teased over the summer.

“Izzie’s got a love story, and it’s a big one,” she told TV Guide back in August, “one that I’ve been kicking around in my head for a bit, one that required me to take a huge leap of faith in myself, one that is so secret that I have not told anyone. Not the writers, not anyone.”

Now that we all know, the big questions: How long will Denny continue to haunt Izzie? And where the heck is this story going? Although I haven’t been able to nail down the exact length of Morgan’s new lease on life, I’m told he’ll be in at least five episodes. As far as where the story is headed, the most logical theory is that Rhimes is giving Izzie a brain tumor, which if inoperable would grant Katherine Heigl’s (alleged) wish to go make movies full time.

But who says this story has to be logical? As Grey’s writer Stacy McKee opined at greyswriters.com, “Maybe this is one connection that gets to defy all… common sense. Maybe it just gets to be. Even if it does seem too good to be true.”

But is it too good to be true? Um, is it good at all? Or is it so preposterous and so decidedly not Grey’s that Izzie’s next patient is likely to be the shark that she just jumped? Me, I’m somewhere in the middle right now. But where are you? If the show starts to resemble Supernatural Anatomy (or, if you prefer, Grey’s Whisperer), will it still be appointment TV for you? Share below!

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