Simon Vozick-Levinson
November 14, 2008 AT 05:00 AM EST

Who says you have to actually hear albums to review them? We evaluate three discs solely based on their cover art — then give a listen to see how accurate our opinions turned out to be.

Anathallo, Canopy Glow
Before Listening We can only assume this is a Teutonic doom-metal song cycle about scorched earth and pale corpses. Talk about a punishing listen!
After Listening Oops: Swooning harmonies and delicate laptop-pop arrangements abound on this Midwestern collective’s new album.

Wilderness, (k)no(w)here
Before Listening Check out those neon-bright shapes — must be a compilation of superhip electro singles from some European city’s underground club scene, right?
After Listening Nope. Lead singer James Johnson moans emotionally as his Baltimore-based band’s bass, drums, and guitars build to epic rock crescendos.

Powersolo, Egg
Before Listening Looks like the perfect music to eat breakfast to. Let’s say it’s full of crisp production, hot piano licks, and perhaps a dash of salty lyrics.
After Listening Straight outta Aarhus, Denmark, these wacky rockers specialize in retrofied cheese. Really, guys: much better for dinnertime.

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