Meryl Streep: Entertainer of the year |


Meryl Streep: Entertainer of the year

From ''Mamma Mia!'' to ''Doubt,'' the actress continues to prove her range

Standing against a Greek-island sunset in Mamma Mia!, Meryl Streep’s single-mom character, Donna, declares she’s a loser at romance: ”No more ace to play,” she sings ruefully. True for Donna, perhaps, but at 59, Streep is throwing down aces all over the place. Last summer, Mamma Mia! raked in $559 million globally — a girl-power milestone. In December’s Doubt, she banishes all frivolity as pop-music-bashing Sister Aloysius, a Catholic-school principal convinced that a priest has sexually abused a student. While Oscar buzz around her role is louder than those ABBA songs, Streep wishes adult dramas weren’t always year-end-only, awards-bait affairs. ”I just wish sometimes that we’d have more stuff like Doubt in the summer,” she laments. ”But that’s against the laws of Hollywood.” You said it, sister.

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