Annie Barrett
November 17, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

Michael Flatley, whom I have somewhat affectionately labeled “DANCLRD” for that one week he filled in for DANCMSTR Len Goodman on this season’s Dancing With the Stars, will host his own dance series on NBC. Hmmm…how can we title this sucker so that it’s basically a synonym for ‘DWTS’ but also kind of one-ups it a bit…Macy’s Stars of Dance: The Series? People Who Really Are Stars DANCE? Dance Superstars? Nope. Flatley’s show will be called Superstar Dancers of the World. The WORLD! Oh, they went there. American Idol evil genius Simon Fuller and So You Think You Can Dance? judge/troll Nigel Lythgoe are to blame for this mess.

In other words, yes, I will be watching. Don’t worry. I hate me, too.

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