Jennifer Armstrong
November 17, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

Big TV interviews with “Pregnant Man” Thomas Beatie and President-elect Barack Obama garnered headlines this weekend, but only one delivered stellar ratings. And, thank goodness, it was Obama and future First Lady Michelle Obama (pictured), whose sit-down on Sunday with 60 Minutes garnered 24.5 million viewers, according to preliminary Nielsen estimates. That’s the 40-year-old newsmagazine’s biggest audience since at least 1999.

Beatie’s Barbara Walters Special, on the other hand, gave ABC a bit of a boost with 8 million viewers on Friday, but the alphabet net was still unable to keep up with CBS’ unstoppable Ghost Whisperer (11.7 million), The Price is Right Salutes the Troops (7.3 million), and Numb3rs (9.3 million). Also on Friday, NBC continued to strike out with Deal or No Deal (5.3 million), Crusoe (4.2 million), and now-canceled Lipstick Jungle (3.6 million). Saturday looked equally bleak for all nets; Fox, as usual, won the night with Cops (6 million) and America’s Most Wanted (6.2 million).

But on Sunday, CBS’ hour of Obama wasn’t the only game in town: NBC scored with the Cowboys-Redskins game on Sunday Night Football (17 million), while ABC stayed on the board with Desperate Housewives (16.6 million).

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