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November 17, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

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MTV’s Total Request Live went out in style with athree-hour live finale last night, reliving the good old days of screaming,crying, and blocking traffic in Times Square. The videocountdown show, central to many an after-school routine, gathered some of thepast decade’s most iconic artists to bid adieu to the TRL era. I got some backstage access, and took copious notes as attendees shouted out their favorite videos and reminisced about their favorite TRLmoments.

Unofficial TRL Artists’ Favorite Video Countdown (mentioned byartists, ranked by me):

1. Michael Jackson, ”Thriller” (Nelly, Teyana Taylor, JCChasez)

2. Blink 182, ”All the Small Things” (Joel Madden, PatrickStump from Fall Out Boy)

3. Britney Spears, ”…Baby One More Time” (VanessaMinnillo)

4. Outkast, ”Hey Ya” (La La Vasquez)

5. Faith Hill, ”Breathe” (Taylor Swift)

6. Nirvana, ”Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Benji Madden)

7. George Clinton, ”Atomic Dog” (Snoop Dogg)

8. Bjork, ”Army of Me” (JC Chasez)

9. Missy Elliott, anything (Damien Fahey)

10. Anything directed by Hype Williams (Carson Daly)

Bonus request: Ludacris, ”One More Drink” (Ludacris)

Some of the stars’ favorite TRL moments, after the jump.

addCredit(“Scott Gries/Getty Images”)

All-time favorite TRL moments:

VJ Carson Daly: Loved traveling (doing the show from theSuper Bowl, or the Bahamas for a summer).

VJ Quddus: Getting advice from Carson Daly when he firststarted. (The advice, according to Daly: ”Go home!”) 

JC Chasez of ‘N Sync: ”The crowds outside were alwayssurreal. It got to the point where they were shutting down TimesSquare.”

Nelly: When he first came to New York (”I was still Cornell then”), he was amazed by the size of the MTV window.When he finally got to the show, he ”stood at the window for 15 or 20 minutesjust looking out.” Now, ”I have my window game down. I’m a window vet. Watchmy moves.”

50 Cent: Was nervous during his first appearance, which wasone of his first times performing live on TV. He also met Madonna backstage atTRL

Snoop Dogg: Performing with Dr. Dre in TimesSquare (especially as a West Coast artist performingon the EastCoast).

Taylor Swift: Though she was shy of the show’s minimum ageby two years, Swift sneaked into the audience at 14 with some eighth grade friends (HillaryDuff was the guest). Coming back as a performer four years later was”surreal.”

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy: Always felt honored to be onthe show. ”It’s like when you’re at an amusement park and you get your picturetaken and put your face on Time magazine.”

VJ Vanessa Minnillo: Was interviewing Mark Wahlberg once anda crazy fan attacked, so she shoved the actor in front and used him as a human shield.Her favorite guests were Stevie Wonder, John Legend, and Ryan Reynolds, whomshe sumo-wrestled on-air. (”I love him. He’s funny — hot and funny.”)

VJ La La Vasquez: Was a bridesmaid for a couple who gotmarried on the show (the ceremony was officiated by MC Hammer and attended bythe cast of American Wedding).

So, PopWatchers: Did you watch TRL? Will you miss the show?What was your favorite TRL moment? What’s your ultimate TRL video?

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