Annie Barrett
November 20, 2008 AT 08:26 PM EST

Disney has announced plans to re-render Beauty and the Beast using digital 3-D technology, and will release a 3-D version of the 1991 cartoon in 2010. (Toy Story and Toy Story 2 will get similar treatment, and upcoming releases like Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3, Rapunzel, and Step Up 3 will have 3-D theatrical versions as well. They should just go ahead and rename the last one Step Up Into My Lap). I’m thrilled by the prospect of the “Be Our Guest” feast items floating more prominently within my field of actual vision — instead of just within my head, as they normally do at least two hours a day. But when I first read this news, I momentarily mistook 3-D for “live-action,” and therefore spent the better part of an hour watching fan vids dedicated to Catherine and Vincent (Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman) from the late-’80s TV weeper Beauty and the Beast. Here’s one of ’em, below. My favorite part’s in the “More info” field: “This is my third BATB fanvid. I love making these.” Praise be.

An Instant-Message Postscript…

Slezak this is amazing
Slezak these fanvids
Slezak catherine always looked a little sad
Annie yeah! and her head/face are so disproportionate to her skinny body
Slezak i guess that’s what happens when you love a beast
Slezak who lives under the sewer
Annie WHO! will climb out of the sewer….tonight?
Annie vincent wants to be on top-top-top….
Annie i’ve watched it seven times
Slezak seriously?
Annie no

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