Whitney Pastorek
November 20, 2008 AT 07:56 PM EST

What I want you to do is take off your glasses, shake out your hair, and say, “Mr. Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?”

All together now…


It was another instant classic episode of Bones last night, a forensic adventure in the sky as Brennan and Booth had to MacGyver (MacGruber?) their way through a murder investigation involving a dead mistress cooked like roast pork in the oven of a flight to China, and they had to solve the case before the plane touched down. All Brennan really wanted to do was go look at 40,000-year-old bones in a cave, but the poor thing just can’t stop getting herself into the murder mystery biz—much to the delight of at least one old lady back in coach who helped out by donating the contents of her purse to the cause. (Special thanks to the guy with the denture cream.)

I get a big kick out of concepts like this, where the world of ashow is forced to constrain itself to a very limited space and stillwork. Lots of great lines tonight—coach class as “Gitmo,” Hodginsgetting his “meerkat look,” every word out of D.A. Caroline’s mouth—and plenty of random stuff to snicker about (like how maybe Sweetsshouldn’t do karaoke, because at Bones karaoke, people tend toget shot). As for the ongoing Angela-Roxy story line…well, I’ll letyou guys fight out the merits of that on your own. Also, it’s hard tosay how I felt about the murderous kid being played for humor when itwas really just kinda sad, and I’m wondering how many more times thecause of death is gonna involve some form of blunt force trauma to thehead (though I’ve been assured that the writers are aware of thisrepetition). Still, any show that uses floating eyeballs as a zippysight gag and madras shorts as a punchline gets a long leash in mybook.

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