Dave Karger
November 21, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

I learned over at Kris Tapley’s InContention blog that last night’s L.A. screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button had to be halted and canceled after 30 minutes due to a projection problem. That’s certainly not the best first impression for such an eagerly awaited film, and I can only imagine the heart attacks the Paramount people were having at the time. But having seen Button two weeks ago in New York (a city that clearly boasts better A/V equipment), I can say that they don’t need to worry. Button is an Oscar movie with a capital O, with jaw-dropping production values, a soaring romance, and terrific performances, particularly from supporting-actress candidate Taraji P. Henson as Benjamin’s de facto mother. Even if Brad Pitt doesn’t make it into the tough Best Actor race (the likes of Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio may squeeze him out), I still can see Button racking up as many as 11 nominations, which could very well be the highest tally for any film this year. Once the film opens on Christmas day, I guarantee we’ll all be talking about one thing: whether or not Benjamin Button made you sob.

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