Amy Wilkinson
November 23, 2008 AT 08:30 AM EST

After what felt like an eternity-long wait (we feel your pain, Edward), we finally got to sink our teeth into the highly anticipated Twilight movie this weekend. So it’s about time we have a spoilerific discussion of one of the biggest films of the fall.

I’ve seen the vamp flick twice so far — once at a press screening and later during the midnight release — and I’m surprised by what a difference the audience can make. During the first show, with a crowd mostly made up of journalists and a few lucky fans who nabbed spare seats, the mood was fairly sedate. Sure, there were a few woots and hand claps when Robert Pattison first appeared on screen, but that was about it. I left the theater pretty jazzed about what I had just seen. But after attending Thursday’s midnight showing, where gaggles of girls giggled throughout the entire film — frequently during parts that weren’t intended to be funny — I felt slightly less enthused. Perhaps I’m easily influenced, or perhaps the movie doesn’t hold up to a second viewing, but after twirl No. 2 with Twilight, the movie seemed cheesier than I had remembered. That said, I do like the movie overall. But what about you? I’ll start our rehash with a few of my specific likes and dislikes, after the jump.

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Fairly faithful adaptation — It’s no easytask winnowing a 500-page novel into a two-hour movie, but I thinkscreenwriter Melissa Rosenberg did a good job. All of the pivotalscenes are there — Port Angeles, the meadow, the baseball game — andalthough certain events happen out of sequence (like Bella meetingJacob during her first day in Forks), I don’t think it damages theintegrity of the story.

The supporting cast — Billy Burke’s portrayal of Bella’suptight police-chief father garnered the most laughs from me. Subtle,yet funny, like the scene where he’s cleaning his shotgun. AnnaKendrick, who plays Jessica, and Michael Welch, who portrays Mike, are also standouts. The duo add some much-needed comic relief to theotherwise somber script. (But I would have liked to hear more from theCullens. Poor Jasper and Emmett have, like, two lines each.)

The beer — Okay, this is totally silly, and I’m probably theonly one to notice or care, but Charlie always has a Rainier beer inhis hand. As a native Washingtonian whose grandpa was a big Rainierbeer fan, this kinda makes me happy.

Miscellaneous likes — Edward looking like he’s going tobarf when he first catches Bella’s scent (very human response), themortar board wall installation, the Cullens’ house (love me somepicture windows), the baseball scene

The special effects — Granted the filmhad a smallish $37 million budget, but seriously, the “dazzling in thesun” Edward is totally messed up. My colleague Jean likens the effectto an overly generous slathering of shimmer body lotion, while Ithink it looks more like a billowy veil from a bedazzled bellydancer’s costume.

The overacting — Especially during my second viewing, Ireally felt like I was watching many of the actors give a performance,not embody a character. Kristen Stewart‘s sputtering, especially during the hospital scene, really started to grate on me by the end.

All right, Twilighters, that’s my two cents. It’s your turn to haveat it. What did you like/dislike? Which of your favorite scenes wereleft out? Did Robert Pattinson’s hair have you swooning? And are youcraving a(n inevitable) sequel…or not?

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