Jennifer Armstrong
November 24, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

Jack Bauer had only two hours to fight off football players and Amazing Racers, not to mention the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and the Jonas Brothers. But he pulled it off (of course), with his 24: Redemption movie event (which got a boost from Fox’s early-evening post-football coverage), helping Fox win the fiercely competitive Sunday night with an average of 12.1 million viewers. The Kimmel-hosted (and Disney-star-studded) American Music Awards (12.2 million) on ABC hit a four-year high — and scored with the young folks, natch. But it was NBC that had the top-rated show of the night, with its Sunday Night Football match between the Colts and Chargers attracting 12.3 million viewers.

The rest of the weekend, however, was business as usual. CBS took Friday night with its crime lineup: Ghost Whisperer (11.4 million), a repeat of The Mentalist (11.6 million), and Numb3rs (11.2 million). ABC’s Wife Swap (4.8 million) and Supernanny (5.1 million), just couldn’t compete, though stalwart 20/20 (8.2 million) fared well enough. NBC kept up its losing streak with Deal or No Deal (5.7 million), Crusoe (3.5 million), and the now-canceled Lipstick Jungle (3.3 million). And The CW barely registered with Everybody Hates Chris (1.8 million) and The Game (1.6 million). May we suggest a cameo from Kiefer Sutherland — or Miley Cyrus?

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