Annie Barrett
November 25, 2008 AT 05:30 PM EST

Remember when the Davids Cook and Archuleta got down in their undies for those Risky Business-inspired Guitar Hero commercials? And then Heidi Klum did the same thing, but in just a bra? This time, it’s Michael Phelps, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, and Tony Hawk executing the same exact concept in Love’s Baby Soft pink shirts. But HELLO. Kobe is not following the tighty-whiteys rule at all. He thinks he can wear long-ass basketball shorts just because that’s what his sport allows? By that logic, Phelps should be rockin’ the full-length LZR Racer bodysuit. (No, I did not have to look that up.) At least A-Rod is wearing amusingly inseamed ump shorts, Phelps appears to be as aired-out down there as Cook was, and for all we know Hawk is going commando under that drum set. Get it together, Kobe! I liked you better when you endorsed Nutella.

Be sure to let us know when the next celebrity-studded Guitar Hero commercial airs, so we can continue to needlessly shill for them as much as possible. Jeez.

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