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Pop culture hits and misses

We rate pop culture for the week of November 24, 2008 including the Pink and Sarah McLachlan duet, David Cook, and ''Survivor''

· Oh, the rapture! Pink and Sarah McLachlan duet on ”Angel”
· Survivor’s Sugar is nothing like her name — and we love her for it
· Sure, we knew he could sing, but when did David Cook become a sex symbol?


· 30 Rock. Adore ya, but we kind of need a break from the guest stars

· Okay, now we know the economy’s really in the crapper: Recession hits Oprah’s ”Favorite Things” episode
· The people who decided that the Supreme Court has nothing better to do than hear about Janet Jackson’s errant Super Bowl breast
· Kim ”I’m 29” of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sweetie, did you forget to add a zero to that number?

· Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz name their baby Bronx. Due next month: Staten Island Affleck.
· Gossip Girl’s Little J = a lemur with a Joan Jett obsession.
· Rosie and Barbara Walters stop with the catfighting. You are not menopause’s answer to Serena and Blair.
· New Kids on the Block at AMAs: Not since Cocoon have we been so disturbed by senior sexuality.