Mike Bruno
November 29, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

PBS Kids has posted preview clips of the new version of Sesame Street‘s funkier, more Morgan Freeman-y older cousin, The Electric Company, set to debut in January. Thankfully, they didn’t just go all ’70s-wakka-wakka-funk-retro in an attempt to replicate the original, but instead, use the show’s hip, fast-paced style to create some pretty cool new stuff, like the technological, Matrix-inspired segments featuring beatbox wizard Shock, and the cute/funny, two-dimensional animation bits between The Odd Couple. I always loved The Electric Company when I was a kid (especially Freeman’s DJ Mel Mounds, embedded below), and I think it’s awesome that a new generation of kids will grow up with its quirky brand of edutainment.

So what were your favorite Electric Company bits? You psyched to see the new one? Think it’ll succeed?

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