Simon Vozick-Levinson
December 01, 2008 AT 10:21 PM EST

Was TV writer/producer Bruno Heller listening in on my family’s Thanksgiving road trip or something? Just four days ago, the assembled Vozick-Levinsons were drivin’ down the highway, lamentin’ last year’s early demise of HBO’s Rome. Sure, we understood that it must have been prohibitively expensive to keep constructing those awesomely realistic sets. But come on. Just two short seasons, with so much more ancient history left to explore? Couldn’t they make a movie or something?

Turns out they can!  Heller, who co-created Rome, just confirmed the rumors that he’s been thinking about continuing the series on the big screen. Even better (SPOILER ALERT!), he’s hinting that Kevin McKidd’s character might not be quite as deceased as he seemed at the end of season 2 — which is great news for anyone who thinks McKidd is destined for bigger places than the sidelines of Seattle Grace. Anyway, nothing’s for sure yet: “It’s not there until it is there,” Heller cautions in that Hollywood Reporter story. “I would love to round that show off.” He can consider this official notice that I (and my parents and sister) would totally love for him to round that show off, too. Anyone else ready to follow Rome to the multiplex?

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